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Doin’ Q/A for the Backlinks, Marketing High Skill Professional Services

Episode Summary:

We answer some marketing 101 questions from Quora then dive into marketing niche specific professional services with no budget.


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Show Notes:

0:00 – Intro / Masstige Wines

4:30 – Q/A Time

5:14 – What is the difference between a digital marketing strategy vs a content marketing strategy?

6:28 – Should startups outsource their digital marketing?

9:58 – Have you ever considered using/hiring influencers to help you promote your event and what are some of the pros and cons of using this strategy for event marketing?

11:33 – What are some examples of dirty marketing tricks?

16:05 – What is guerrilla marketing? Why is it effective?

18:34 – Where can I get software company CEO email lists in California?

22:40 – How would you market that? Freelance Data Scientist


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