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Ep 19: View Through Conversions on NY Steak

Episode Summary:

LIVE FROM NEW YORK! Its Still Unsponsored! This one is a bit of a wreak. We struggle with a new audio setup that turn out also be a terrible analogue radio receiver. Still we press on and talk the virtues of aged beef in New York City, which sports ball ads have long term staying power and what dumbasses are trying to kill youtube monetization this week (hint: its the same guy). Finally we go deep into view through conversion and how you should think about them.


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Show Outline:

0:00 – Intro

2:32 – NYC Steak

4:18 – Super Bowl Ads

8:39 – Logan Paul Screws Up Again

16:00 – How to think about View Through Conversions

24:43 – Tangent on GDPR

25:42 – Closing




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