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Ep 22: Everything You Need To Know About Launching A Product

Episode Summary:

Quick episode. This time, we discuss what you need to know to launch a product successfully. It’s all about building the right team that will take whatever happened with the launch and turn it into a success. Product launches are rarely successes out of the gate. They require nurturing. As a leader you need to set the stage for the team to be successful. This means bringing the right team to the table, enable communication and keeping the executives off their back.

Key Takeaways for Launching a product:

  • Plan your launches and keep notes on what does not go well for future launches.
  • Successful launches are all about optimization.
  • Your optimization team should be multi-disciplinary but in the war room people are essentially roll-less.
  • Plan out what analytics packages you will need before hand. (Obviously)
  • Build a model of what you expect to happen. This provides a benchmark.

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Show Outline:

0:00 – Intro

2:15 – Product Launches and Post Launch Optimization

8:30 – Awkward Silence

8:40 – More Product Launch Talk

10:50 – Goal-Seek Marketing

12:43 – Facebook / Cambridge Analytica / User-based Retargeting

21:40 – Closing


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