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Episode 11: The One Where Chris Gets Mad at Zach – Retail Strategy, Apple killing the internet, Google Puts Bias in the System

Episode Summary:

We dive into several stories we found interesting. Retailers dropping storytelling, but not really. Also they want you to please save them from the Amazon apocalypse. Apple ruining internet marketer’s lives by killing cookies after 24 hrs. Can you survive with just a smart watch? Finally a follow up from last episode, Google is in fact using data rules to make their advertising product look better.

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Show Notes:

0:00 – Intro

1:38 – Retailers Dropping Storytelling

4:07 – A/B Testing Conundrums and Webtests for Retailers

6:45 – Retailers Competing with Amazon in the short term.

12:27 – Apple blocking Cookies after 24 Hours

19:35 – Prepare for a post handset world

24:11 – Bungie releases Destiny Skill on Alexa

25:28 – Google tweaking data in GA to benefit its own products

28:37 – Chris gets mad bro

29:58 – Closing




Retailers Dropping Storytelling

Apple Blocking cookies after 24 hrs

Prepare For A Post Handset World

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