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Episode 14: 2018 Predictions, Patreon Spreadsheet Fail and Net Neutrality Fail

Episode Summary:

We cover a ton of ground. We discuss the spreadsheet management fail that is Patreon’s 4th quarter, the dangers of a non-neutral net and go deep into last years predictions and make marketing predictions for 2018.

2018 Predictions:

  • Still Unsponsored, The best marketing podcast, survives another year
  • Video Advertising maintains its dominance
  • VR/AR arrives without fanfare
  • Until VR is on consoles it will not be mainstream
  • Technical SEO becomes more important (with the rise of mobile and search signals like SSL)
  • Google attribution tool becomes dominant / independents go out of business
  • SEO (and marketing generally) will continue to be all about the brand.
  • Chatbots explode
  • Sub 6 months before Net Neutrality blow out. Will it be part of a larger tech war?
  • Inflating CPCs on Google and Facebook
  • 2 Years out… Someone disrupts Facebook’s strangle hold on social/organic content because creators don’t want to pay to talk to their audience and advertisers think its too expensive.
  • More adcalypse pain
  • Twitter gets sold/bought
    • Bonus: twitter gets sold to a non-tech company but to a political player
  • Uber looses marketshare to lift
  • We get put in an awkward spot about our name





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Show Notes:

0:00 – Intro

1:55 – Patreon

7:54 – Net Neutrality

16:00 – Review 2017 Predictions / 2018 Predictions



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