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OG Internet Marketers, Designing Your Own Podcast, IoT Privacy

Episode Summary:

In our first episode we discuss: OG internet marketers, Facebook’s growing roll in our lives, privacy and future episodes.

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Show Notes

0:00 – Intro.

1:30 – We chew really loud and drink some wine

3:18 – Our backgrounds

4:30 – Marketing podcasts and our vision for this show

5:30 – Zach realizes podcasting could be fun

5:39 – Return to talking about the podcast

7:10 – Does “internet marketeer” have negative connotations?  / OG Internet Marketeers

13:00 – We learn about podcasting out loud

16:03 – Whois Spam: The shitty calls you get when you register a domain name

19:30 – Facebook as proof of identity

24:10 – Glenn Beck on privacy and IoT

29:00 – Harrison Ford watches Vice on YouTube

33:00 – Name this podcast

34:30 – FTC regulations on Sponsorship

36:00 – Are you better at marketing than Apple

38:00 – Topics for future episodes

51:00 – Closing


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